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Our many available production options include:

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Cushioned Seats (child not included)

2005 BASS Side Console.JPG (336762 bytes)            2005 Center Console with Box.jpg (50859 bytes)

Welded in Consoles                                                  

FullCntrSeatStrg.jpg (33280 bytes)    2005 Boat Pictures 013.jpg (850478 bytes)    2005 Boat Pictures 011.jpg (838540 bytes)

Full Center Seat Livewell

Center Seat Center Box Livewell

Locking Front Deck Door (standard with carpeted models)

Aluminum Floor and Sides

Aluminum Floor ONLY - NO Sides

12/24 volt Electrical Package (includes stowaway lights, troll harness, and plug)

Pontoons (transom pods) (long transom only) - available in 48" bottom - 70" bottom Models

Tunnel (available on Flats, MV, and MUV Only)

Stainless Steel Seat Bases (includes reinforcement)

17" Transom

22" Transom

27" Transom

Additional Transom Braces

Trim Tabs

Ore Locks

14sq x 11h Seat Box

We Package (upon request) with the following Outboard Motors:

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Standard Body Paint Colors: (your choice of the two)

Optional Body Paint Colors: (Upgrade)


Optional Carpet Colors: