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Meet some WELD-CRAFT Boat owners and see what they have to say about their WELD-CRAFT Boat!

May 28th, 2014 comment by email:

In terms of overall value, a consideration important to nearly all consumers, my new Weld-Craft boat far surpasses the four other all-welded aluminum boats that I have owned over the last twenty years. My Weld-Craft is extremely well-made; it is also highly functional and very versatile. By and large, for the money, Weld-Craft is the best all-welded aluminum boat on the market. Look at one today...you will not be disappointed! ​ - B. Hierstetter, Great Mills Maryland


Weld-Craft would like to express our sincere appreciation to Guy Brothers Marine in Clements, Maryland for adding another Happy Customer to the Weld-Craft Family!



January 28th, 2014 comment by email:

Dear Weld-Craft, after many years of being out of boating I decided to purchase a new boat.  After the professional treatment and knowledge from Aqua Tech Marine sales person and owner in Palm Bay, Florida, I chose Weld-Craft.  I just purchased my new 15' Semi-V Weld-Craft jon boat.  They installed a solid aluminum deck along with a Suzuki 20HP 4S EFI, and let me tell you (I Love It).  The Semi-V cuts the waves much better than I could have imagined and along with a Trolling Motor I can get back to the skinny water!  Also the strength of your boat is amazing... I have true confidence in my new Weld-Craft.  Keep up the great work....  I'll send you more customers. - Sincerely, T.B. Muhl, Sebastian, Florida

After a reply email from us to him requesting permission to use his testimonial on our webpage, he wrote:

Thank you for your reply and without question you can use my letter as reference to the great boats that you make.  I'm going fishing tomorrow and I'll take a couple of pictures of the Boat on the water and I'll forward them to you... Again thanks, I made the right decision purchasing a Weld-Craft. - T.B. Muhl, Sebastian, Florida

March 20th, 2012 comment by email:

R. Kings BIG CAT

I wanted to show you guys what the word "fishing" means when you call a Weld-Craft a fishing boat. This flathead was 42" long and 32lbs 7 oz and yes ..... it does easily fit in the livewell of my new 14' semi V.
R. and D. King of Coldspring, Texas

March 18th, 2012:

Weld-Craft Bow Fishing Boat        Weld-Craft Bow Fishing Special

Logans Carp 1b    Logan's Carp    Logans Carp

In the Weld-Craft Bow Fishing Boat, Logan Williams (left) shot this 46lb 45"L Common Grass Carp with Bow Fishing Guide Justin Higgins (right). 


November 15th, 2011:

P Badger

P. Badger & Son, Conway, Arkansas


April 25th, 2011 Comment on FACEBOOK:

SGT. D. Cook (who is currently serving his 2nd deployment in Afghanistan) wrote:

"I also own a weld-craft bass boat and it has been one of the best buys I have ever made.  Its a really good boat for the stump filled waters of East Texas."

"I fish a lot of small bass tournaments around the East Texas area and I get a lot of compliments on my rig.  I always tell everyone that Weld-Craft boats are tough and the only way to fish those stumpy lakes!"

!! GOD Bless Our Soldiers !!


 Comment on FACEBOOK:

Mr. East wrote:
"I bought a weld-craft bass boat three years ago. I fish exclusively for catfish on the Mississippi River. Best boat I've ever owned. Really sturdy and silky-smooth ride."

(click images below to enlarge)

Mr. East

Fishing the Mississippi River

The following is a picture & a letter from Jane Gallenbach

River Ridge Guide Service - Jane Gallenbach





 Greg G., Andy B. and Fredrick B. with guide Jane Gallenbach

"...I really do like my boat.  It is the most comfortable that I have ever fished out of.  My customers love it, too.  It gets you to where the fish are... Thanks, Jane"

You can view pictures of Jane Gallenbach's guided trips at www.riverridgetx.com.


The following is a letter from  Louisiana Bow Fishing Guide Lloyd the Night Lighter:

"Just thought I'd send you a couple of pictures and to tell you at Weld-Craft that you are making a very fine boat.  I have had two of them and am very satisfied with them both.  I have a 18 x 70 now that floats in as shallow as 10" of water and it is very stable to shoot out of.  I am always recommending your boat to the Bow Fishing people that I meet. - Always, Lloyd the Night Lighter"  P.S.   "Your dealer Tri-Lake Marine has treated me very well." (year 2002)

Lloyd The Night Lighter 2.jpg (150695 bytes)             Copy of Lloyd The Night Lighter.jpg (95297 bytes)

Another letter from  Louisiana Bow Fishing Guide Lloyd the Night Lighter:

"... your boat and me and my partner (Dole A.) when we won the Ark. State Championship May 28 & 29, 2003.  I am the one on the left that you built the boat for.  Thank you for a great boat..."

- Lloyd the Night Lighter (year 2003)

Lloyd and Dole
1st Place Winners of the May 28-29, 2003
Arkansas State Bowfishing Championship

 Lloyd Bricklen.jpg (145980 bytes)

EddyEvans4.jpg (20977 bytes)        EddyEvans3.jpg (9791 bytes)

"Finest riding boat I've ever been in."
- Eddy Evans, Worthville, Kentucky
(year 2000)

"After getting rid of my last riveted boat, I needed an ALL Welded boat that would hold up.  I bought a WELD-CRAFT and couldn't be happier.  The price, performance, ride, and durability are fantastic.  I don't think I'll ever wear this one out, but if I ever go to a bigger boat, it will be another WELD-CRAFT."

- Jimmy Ernst, Greenwell Springs, Louisiana (year 2000)

"My WELD-CRAFT boat cuts quick, runs good, and it doesn't take in water.  I just LOVE it.  It's a nice boat!"

- James Ward, Point Cedar, Arkansas (year 2000)

 Justin's Boat 1.jpg (88805 bytes)

"The kids at my school didn't believe that I got my very own WELD-CRAFT boat on my 8th birthday.  My Papaw built my boat especially for me and I LOVE it!  It won't be long 'til the 4th grade class at Pine Haven Elementary will be seeing me on Bass Masters Classic.  One more thing, don't ever get out in the middle of a pond without a paddle." - Justin Higgins (center; boat owner), Tull, Arkansas; Logan Williams (left buddy), Tull, Arkansas; Blake Gregory (right buddy), Harmony Grove, Arkansas. (year 2000)


To: all the crew @ weld-craft,

Thank you so much for the boat you built for me. The quality and craftsmanship of a Weld-Craft has always been very impressive to me.  There aren't very many places in this world where people take so much pride in what they do.  Your boats are a direct reflection of great skill, ability and pride.  Keep up the good work.  Thanks so much for the tour I got of your facility.  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

D. Bailey (Brazoria, Texas)

Dear Ron, Rebecca, Kaye and Sherri,

Thank the four of you and all your Weld-Craft crew for such and excellent boat.  You answered all my questions, exceeded all my expectations and made me a 'better than I expected' boat.  I would have this to say to all prospective aluminum boat buyers out there.  Consider Weld-Craft boats when shopping for your boat and you will be as happy as I am with the quality of these boats.  A work of art in aluminum boats.  Thanks all.

Your loyal-happy customer,

D. Ross (Jasper, Texas)

September 11, 2007

Dear Ron, Kaye & staff,

Ron & Kaye, I would like to thank you all again for installing the flipping deck in my boat.  It is really nice when your fishing two guys on the front deck, you have plenty of room to move around.  Even with a jet pump on it you still have a quality ride on the lake, as well as, a great ride on the rivers.  The Weld-Craft boat is built with quality craftsmanship.  Once again, thank you very much for the flipping deck.


T. Boero (Bourbon, Missouri)


I just wanted to personally let you know how happy I am with my new 1656UV Weld-Craft boat you recently custom built for me.  Not only is the quality and workmanship outstanding, but also, it's extremely rare to find the owner of a company that will take the time to do any custom work on an individual boat as you did mine.  That says an awful lot for you and your employees.  You really care.

I will definitely recommend Weld-Craft boats to anyone who wants the best.  Thanks for all your help and assistance and keep up the great job all of you do at Weld-Craft.

Sincerely yours,

A. Scarborough (Polkton, North Carolina)


I just wanted to personally let you know how happy I am with my new 1656UV Weld-Craft boat you recently custom built for me.  You and Ron are definitely a winning team with all of your employees at Weld-Craft.  It's nice to find a company who will work with you on an individual basis as you did with me.  You really care.

 Thanks for all your help and assistance.  It means a lot to me.

Sincerely yours,

A. Scarborough (Polkton, North Carolina)

July 14th, 2004

R. Knowles

(Mr. Knowles is the man seated in the above picture to the left.  You can read his testimonial below.)

Dear Ron, Kaye & Boat Builders,

I have hunted & fished since I was 9 years old, everything from field mice to elephants. HA! HA!  I was shot on Dec. 9th, 2001, while deer hunting which left me a quadriplegic.  It's taken me 2 years to get my Weld-Craft boat to be fixed up where I can operate it.  I've been in many, many john boats over the years, but nothing compares to this product, bar none.  My paralysis is from neck down, very limited use of one hand, but good arm function.  I can still handle this boat with much ease.  Without you people, my dreams of being back on the river would not have came true.  The boat is so sturdy & reliable its unbelievable.

People up in this part of the country are fascinated. Please let all employees read this to know their work is acknowledged not only by me but anyone who owns one of your products.  I could go on & on forever about your boat but if you ever need anybody to vouch about your boats please tell them about my condition & have anybody feel free to call me & I'll help in any way I can to tell people how well your product works.  I can't thank you all enough for the change & attitude in my life that your product has done for me.  Thank you & GOD Bless you all.


R. Knowles

August 24, 2010

Hey guys & pretty ladies also,

Remember me! That good looking boy from Texas who came to Benton to order his boat {from Elrod's Marine}.  The boat (Portage) is doing just fine and I will rejoin her for a winters fishing in about 4 weeks.  Ron, you build one heck of a good boat.  Many compliments on her and the way you put her together.  Good Job.  These pictures were taken at a roadhouse (No, Patrick Swayze was not there) in the Yukon or maybe British Columbia, I would have to get my map out to be sure!  Anyway, your hat (my hat) is in a place of honor on the Alaskan Highway at mile marker 422 out of Dawson Creek, BC. ...

Take Care,

D. Ross (Jasper, Texas)

Dear Ms. Williams,

I have been very delayed in writing to you to express our thanks for you and your company's help in getting a boat trim to our Fire Department.  You went out of your way to track shipments and replace the first order with an item we could better use, all at no charge to us.  This part helped us repair a Weld-Craft boat.  Because of this, a local citizen purchased this repaired boat and the money went straight to our Volunteer Fire Department funds.

These funds help us to continue to serve our community with our Fire Department and First Responder departments.

It is not often that a company will go out of their way to help out like you and your company did.  Once again we thank you for your kind assistance in helping us out.


L. Johnston

Fire Chief of Six Mile Volunteer Fire Department (Hemphill, Texas)